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Flat Roofs

With 20 year Guarantees

Flat Roofs

Traditional roofing materials such as felt are vulnerable to extremes of weather, causing weakened joints.

Firestone EPDM rubber is an innovative system frequently suggested by Interfix comprising a “continuous sheet” rubber compound for flat roof coverings. For over a century Firestone has been a trusted name in quality rubber products and technology.

Since 1980 millions of sq metres of Firestone EPDM membrane have been successfully installed. Firestone rubber is supplied in continuous sheet form that will replace your flat roof neatly and cost effectively offering:

- Seamless sheets
- Flame free application
- Life expectancy up to 50 years
- Eco friendly

We also deal with full replacement of flat roofs including the installation of modern insulation materials, new supporting timbers, guttering and cladding.

Whatever the weather your flat roof need no longer be an ongoing source of worry, just contact Interfix Roofing.